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My name is Nick, owner of Nick Adorni | Design + Photography. I’m a driven and self-motivated professional freelance designer and photographer in Orlando, Florida and Denver, Colorado. I’m equipped with an open mind, great work ethic, and a variety of proven skills across many areas of design and events. My objective is to not only create awesome work that people enjoy and clients are happy with, but I aim to do so on time, on budget, and to exceed expectations. I love working on it all, from brand identities, responsive websites, vehicle wraps, environment design and 3D renderings, to custom photography, large format print brokerage, and event management and logistics. I’m kind of a one man wrecking crew, as many people know who to call when they need things done.

When I’m not designing, I have a wide range of interests that have all influenced my work at one point or another. Action sports, ice hockey, technology, cars, travel, fitness, photography, theme parks, movies, and eco-friendliness are in high favor. I’ve been lucky enough to work with top tier Action Sports brands, for a professional sports franchise, one of the largest and busiest theme parks in the world, and a wide range of small business both here in Colorado and across the nation. I’ve let these interests branch out my offerings into event management and marketing, as I’ve spent a significant amount of time managing events, promotional marketing programs, and having a blast driving hundreds of new vehicles during automotive marketing management.

Take a look around, and I think you’ll be stoked to see what I can offer you or your company. I take pride in all of my work, so much so that ‘good enough’ is not part of my vocabulary. If you like what you see and want to get in touch, send me a note so we can chat.


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What clients are saying...

  • To say that Nick is a talented designer and photographer, does not do him justice. Nick has a creative talent for design that defines "out of the box" It is not common for designers to be a triple threat, but Nick is incredibly skilled in large format, traditional print, and web. Nick is as reliable and trustworthy as it gets, and understands that a client is also a person, and seeks to build and maintain relationships.
    Marcus Durante
  • Nick is a talented designer and photographer who has the ability to turn projects quickly with a lot of attention to detail. He has experience in photography and large format design and is very creative while also fulfilling a client's signage, branding, and design requests. I would definitely recommend him for your next project.
    Renee Rockford
    Director of Communication
  • I hired Nick to do the design and implementation of our startup company's logo, website, business cards, email template/signature, letterheads - everything that identified us. He is a one-man guru which appealed to me. He was responsive, totally up to speed with all that is web, highly design oriented and very capable. He did an amazing amount of work in a very short period of time. I would HIGHLY recommend using him!
    Carl Finocchiaro
  • Nick is one of those rare finds in marketing that is creative and practical. He listens to your needs and he can create a quality on point product on time and on budget. He has also been able to support us in several different platforms and has proven to be very diverse in his services and capabilities. I would highly recommend Nick and he will continue to be our marketing partner for our team.
    Michael Desmond
  • In addition to being a talented creative, web designer and photographer, Nick is extremely reliable and has a great attention to detail form the inception to completion of a project. A great person to call on to get the job done.
    Stephen Beneski
    Graphic Designer