Platinum Sand Construction

Web Design/Development


When Lau Marketing needed to take their digital marketing work with Platinum Sand Construction to the next level, they knew a new website was in order. Flip flopping between platforms wasn’t good for anyone, and the LM team needed consistency for their digital work to start paying dividends for their client. Together we created a brand new, WordPress driven website for Platinum to showcase their growing list of high-end remodels in the Palm Beach area.

The new site allowed Lau Marketing’s excellent SEO and PPC work to shine, bringing in a slew of new interest, especially during the first year of the pandemic. The site allowed new customers to trust PSC and their team, something that is hard to do in the home renovation space. This combined work with Lau Marketing has helped PSC grow every quarter since the site launch, with remodels booked for over 6 months in advance at any given time.


Platinum Sand Construction- Website
Platinum Sand Construction- Website