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Outside of graphic/web design and photography, I always look for others ways to keep myself active, engaged, and find new opportunities to flex my mind and muscles. Before moving to Colorado in 2010, I had spent over 2.5 years in Florida working at both Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as a ride operator, and with the NBA’s Orlando Magic website and live event teams. These experiences opened me up to the world of events, the logistics involved, the management of crowds, and the sheer magnitude of effort that it takes to operate an event consistently, safely, and successfully. With these experiences under my belt, I was asked to lend a helping hand at a food festival in Denver back in 2014, which turned into a significant portion of my career away from pixels and vectors.

What started as lending a helping hand to move tables and chairs has since grown into full-on event and logistics management at multiple food festivals and other events in Denver. I’ve been entrusted by the teams at DiningOut Events, Event Specialists, Entercom, and the Colorado Restaurant Association to make sure that once we get on site at an event, no stone goes unturned to make sure that each event is carried out in a successful manner. Success is not just measured by ticket sales and the number of guests, but also the way in which vendors feel they succeeded, were treated, and ultimately sets-up for success. Some of these events include:


Management at these events isn’t limited to tasks like moving tables, pallets of product, bringing in large activations, figuring out fencing or helping vendors and restaurants. Most importantly, it’s about problem solving through quick thinking, confident decisions, and informed ideas from years of experience in the field.

“You did such a good job this week, I am so impressed with you Nick. You are the big reason all the events went so well. I am so grateful for you. You are a talented man, Shalisa and I were just talking how lucky we are to work with you.”
– Jeff, DiningOut Events

I’m confidently willing and able to take on anything that gets thrown my way, and am not afraid of long days and nights in the heat to get it done. This mindset has made me a reliable resource for vendors and restaurants year after year, including some of the biggest companies out there:


I’m always interested to do more work in this space, and I’m open for conversations about event management, big or small. Whether you just need the physical support on site, or you need practical solutions to issues months before an even happens, I can be the resource for your team that you might not even have known you needed. Whether it’s an email, phone call, or using my contact form, let’s talk about events!

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