Pickleball Trips

Web Design/Development


Mavericks Marketing, a disruptive marketing agency in Denver, was looking for some website design and development with a longtime client, Pickleball Trips. The team at PBT had created a fun and enjoyable way to experience Pickleball through a variety of excursions around the world. However, they needed a web presence that matched the excitement of their trips, and to showcase the wide array of scenery and landmarks trip goers would see along the way.

Additionally, the site needed to retain it’s e-commerce functionality to sell tickets on trips, but upgrades were requested to make the purchasing process easier for clients and perspective clients. This included waitlists, payment plans, and deposits so payments could be stretched out over a period of time. In the end, the launch of the site created a large uptick in reservations from new and existing clients, as they were able to really see what the PBT team (and the world) has to offer.

Pickleball Trips- Website
Pickleball Trips- Website