Forge Creative Fulfillment

Brand Identity, Web Design/Development

Forge Creative Fulfillment is a small family owned print-shop in Denver, specializing in large format printing, graphics installation, and apparel printing. When the company was getting off the ground, the owner new they wanted “Forge” and some kind of representation, but wasn’t sure where to start. With a long working relationship prior to the start of their business, they asked us to help with their initial branding, and an e-commerce store later on.

The logo gets right to the point, using the shape of an anvil to determine the letter design of “Forge,” and lets the base hold the remain wording. A strong color scheme of bright red and steel gray allows the logo to be instantly recognizable, which looks great on embroidery and apparel. When it was time to create a website to showcase work and sell some gear, we turned to Shopify to create an all-in-one site. Not only could the site showcase work with automatic hashtag sourcing from Instagram, but it was easy to add products so the owner could run the store without any additional help.

Forge Creative Fulfillment- Website
Forge Creative Fulfillment- Branding