The Pineapple Agency

3D Modeling, Environment Design, Large Format Graphics

The Pineapple Agency worked with the National Beef Council, as well as, to create a unique display for the 2013 National Cattleman’s Beef Association tradeshow. The goal of the booth was not only to educate visitors on the nutritional facts of beef, but also to act as a sampling station for the Beef Council’s favorite dishes.

To accomplish this task, a 3D rendering was built in SketchUp to assist Pineapple with pitching the overall build to each entity involved. After rounds of feedback from both parties, a final direction was decided upon. Then, the graphics were designed and placed into the model for one last final approval. Once approved, the graphics were output for vinyl printing and mounting to PVC, and shipped to the booth builder for construction at the tradeshow.

Pineapple Agency- Cattleman Booth 1
Pineapple Agency- Cattleman Booth 2

Pineapple Agency- Cattleman Booth Rendering 2
Pineapple Agency- Cattleman Booth Rendering 3