Norski Sport Rental

3D Modeling, Environment Design, Fabrication Design

Norski Sport Rental at Keystone Resort was set to expand the footprint of their store, and needed a total redesign to utilize the new area. A 3D layout was created to scale in Sketchup to give the client a visual representation of what the new space could provide them. This included paint and graphic ideas, customer flow throughout the space, where retail and rental fixtures would best fit, and show how the furniture The Public Works built would interact with the space.

The shop owners used the model as a guide during the space rehabilitation, most of which they completed themselves. The furniture designs were translated into working shop drawings, and the new shop stands and cash wrap were delivered for their summer re-opening for mountain bike season.

Norski Sport Rental- Rendering 1
Norski Sport Rental- Finished 2

Norski Sport Rental- Rendering 2
Norski Sport Rental- Finished 1