Perspective Design Fabrication

Brand Identity, Photography, Web Design/Development

Perspective Design Fabrication is a full service design and fabrication metal studio in Denver, CO. Run by partners with backgrounds in fine art and industrial design, PDF aims to not only bring client’s visions to life through metal, but to create solutions to problems their clients never knew existed. When the partnership was formed, they needed to have an identity package created to begin leveraging the new partnership with their clients and potential contacts throughout Colorado.

When designing the logo, ‘Perspective’ was used as the driver for the direction in which the look would ultimately take. By combining the idea of perspective, the use of CAD tools, and hand-drawn artwork, a look was created that blended all three pieces together into one cohesive package. The logo can be used in three separate instances, including the ‘perspective lines’ mark, the written words, and the complete lockup as a whole. This provides flexibility not only in print/digital situations, but gives the partners unique ways to brand their creations in the material world, where tolerances and materials are far less forgiving than pixels and print heads.


Perspective Design Fabrication- Website
Perspective Design Fabrication- Collateral

Perspective Design Fabrication- Fabrication
Perspective Design Fabrication- Fabrication