King Canyon Buffalo

Brand Identity, Environment Design, Web Design/Development

King Canyon Buffalo is a niche company in the oil & gas industry, working towards helping oil producers maximize the efficiency of their wells through their Real-Time Geochemistry applications. Their name goes back to their roots in the raising and selling of buffalo and buffalo meat, but a recent shift towards focusing only on Geochemistry required a new identity solution to help them stick out in a crowded field of multi-nation corporations.

Although the shift towards Geochemistry needed to be the focus of the graphical communication, King Canyon Buffalo’s unique name in the industry allowed some playfulness to still exist in the logomark. Earth tones were chosen to tie directly into the earth and mud in which KCB works, but describing and showing the data they calculate became the center of importance in looking to grow the business. A full identity and collateral package was created, complete with new business cards and different sets of promotional handouts to aide in the digestion of their information. Additionally, a new tradeshow booth skin was created for the 2017 AAPG Conference, and a new web presence was launched to coincide with the start of the show.


King Canyon Buffalo- Website
King Canyon Buffalo- Collateral Handouts

King Canyon Buffalo- Tradeshow Booth
King Canyon Buffalo- Collateral Handouts