Optic Nerve

Large Format Graphics, 3D Modeling, Environment Design

Client: Kree8

Optic Nerve was in the market for a new tradeshow booth, one that could handle the rigors of multiple tradeshows every year, but be flexible enough to handle various sizes and situations that each show brings. They looked to Kree8 to handle every aspect of creating the new booth, from design to final delivery setup.

Collaborating with Kree8, a relationship that has been ongoing for over five years, led to a very flexible booth design. It can configured in four different ways in two different sizes, giving Optic Nerve total flexibility in setting up the booth while using only one set of common structural components. By using their visually striking branding guidelines and large imagery, the booth provided not only a welcoming and useful product showcase, but a visual presence that could be seen from far away on the tradeshow floor.

The fabric panels and magnetic structure allowed for easy setup and teardown, as well as a quick and cost effective way to create new ‘skins’ for different times of year, without having to modify any interior structure. The booth made its debut at the 2016 SIA Snow Show, and will continue onto both Summer and Winter OR, and some smaller shows that will leverage the booth’s sizing flexibility.