Ads/Marketing Design, Brand Identity, Web Design/Development, Vehicle Wraps

Kree8 may be a new name to some in Denver, but their standing within the print and creative industries has been longstanding for nearly a decade. After making the decision to start a new independent venture, Kree8 called looking for a full identity package. After collaborating on work together for the past five years, Kree8 was confident that they could get an identity package, website, and vehicle wrap all in one place.

The identity package needed to be bold, unique, yet flexible enough to create different formats of marketing collateral and handouts. Since the print market in Denver has no shortage of companies vying for print business, with the sizes of companies range from small to quite large, Kree8 needed to look like more than just a one man team. The Kree8 logo was designed to work well on both light and dark colors, and the 8 was also designed to be a standalone mark. This is evident on the collateral and vehicle wrap design, while the colors were used to create the structure of the website.

Kree8- Identity Design
Kree8- Website Design
Kree8- vehicle wrap
Kree8- AdClub ad