Colorado Academy

Large Format Graphics

Colorado Academy is an independent, Pre-K – 12 college preparatory day school south of Denver with a big campus and variety of buildings. Each fall, the school opens its door to prospective students and their families for a Preview Event. In preparation for the event, the school not only wanted banners and sidewalk graphics for the event, but they also wanted to add some graphics into their upper school.

Tasked with a large scope and a blank slate, their internal motto of the “6 C’s” (Character Development, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Cultural Competence) was developed further through the use of new imagery. Even though a specific image was chosen to represent each C, the images were open ended and abstract, allowing each student to have their own interpretation of what each image represented. The images were then used in a design invoking movement at the entrance to the Upper School, creating a bold and welcoming impact. Additionally, office windows were frosted with 1 of 6 designs, and new banners were installed at the entrance to the theatre.

Colorado Academy- Left wall
Colorado Academy- Right wall

Colorado Academy- Banners
Colorado Academy- Interior windows