HiPro Hitting

Brand Identity, Photography, Web Design/Development

Chris Dunn, a Colorado native and former professional baseball player, finished working on his third hitting related business and knew who to call to get the company’s identity started. Chris had very specific needs at the start, including an identity package, 120+ page digital eBook, and a responsive e-commerce website to sell his eBook and other training related items. Since this project was the third time working together, Chris not only knew that the designs would surpass his expectations, but that everything would be completed in the timeline that he had outlined to launch his business.

After creating an identity package that would work across print, web, and physical items, the eBook provided a great challenge within itself and the website. The eBook contains over 120 pages of training information, meal plans, and workouts with corresponding imagery. Everything had to be considered in the design of the book, with the goal of keeping legibility high and the ease of use even higher. Once complete, the website was built with integrated e-commerce, complete with a membership function that gives eBook purchasers access to the digital download and workout videos through their online account.


HiPro Hitting- Collateral

HiPro Hitting- eBook
HiPro Hitting- Photography